Upcoming Crescas Webinars

MAY 2024

Mon, May 20th | 7 pm | Webinar: How to Buy a Home With Little to No Money Down - Register Here

JUN 2024

Mon, June 17th | 7 pm | Webinar: How to Do a 10/31 Exchange to Hedge Taxes and Amplify Wealth-building

JUL 2024

Mon, July 22nd | 7 pm | Webinar: Starting a Business - How to Lease or Buy Your First Commercial Space

AUG 2024

Mon, August 19th | 7 pm | Webinar: How to Buy a Home if You Are Self-employed

SEP 2024

Mon, September 16th | 7 pm | Webinar: Should I Refinance, Renovate, or MOVE?

OCT 2024

Mon, October 21st | 7 pm | Webinar: Why You NEED a Realtor and Should NEVER Call the Number on the Sign

NOV 2024

Mon, November 18th | 7 pm | Webinar: How to House Hack Your Way to Home Ownership

April 2024 Webinar Replay: How to Sell AND Buy at the Same Time:

In case you missed one, watch replays of our previous webinars here.