7 Features That Get Noticed In Your Real Estate Listing

Selling real estate is an exciting opportunity to put dozens of skills to use. From ensuring properties are visually stunning to using phrasing that will pull in the buyers and their agents: your listings should be carefully considered.

These are seven features that will pull in any buyers close to the area: and leave them excited about your properties in no time.

1. Details Throughout like Updated Window Sashes

Getting a gorgeous view in any season is a treat: and the key way to introduce that is through clear windows. Updating the windows in their entirety can be expensive, so if you want to guide your sellers to a home that shines without them having to put in thousands of dollars of updates: offer the idea of a window sash replacement throughout the property. This changes the locks of the windows, ensures they slide smoothly, and lends the home fresher look.

Buyers like to see updated details like these because they read as signs that the sellers have been taking good care of the property and that you don't have to worry about hidden unfortunate surprises.  

2. An Entrance Photo That Will Ensnare Buyers

When buyers look at the first couple of photos of the property, you want the pictures to be great at selling what this house can do. This means updating entrance photos so that they look fantastic and inviting, especially if you’re trying to sell a home in a snowy area.

One of the best things you can do is ask the sellers to give the porch a mini makeover. This type of project could be looking into front porch ceiling ideas, painting any wood surfaces, replacing the house numbers, or any other item that would catch the eye of buyers.  Make sure to do this between late spring and early fall to avoid sudden snow or rain interrupting your work.

3. Clean and Clear Spaces


The last thing any buyers want to see is a sign that the property isn't well cared for: or that they'll be living in someone else's filth if they buy the property.

Having the property deep-cleaned, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen, can give these spaces a brand new face. Not only will it allow the spaces to speak for themselves, but it'll also take away any sign of the people who lived there before, something that can often hold a buyer back from wanting to purchase  even the most beautiful homes.

4. Updated Exterior That Will Shine in Drone Photography


We all love scenic drone photos of areas but even the most gorgeous areas can have some weak points.  Drone photography has become an incredibly important part of home listings, showing off angles that otherwise wouldn’t be captured. Unfortunately, this can also show off areas of the home that are lacking if you don’t remember to take care of them. 

A great idea is adding items like decorative gable trusses, which can allow these aerial shots to really show off an attention to detail while giving the home a custom-built look.  Because of these shots, you should also ensure that any debris in the gutter or on the roof is cleared so that the property doesn't look poorly taken care of.

5. Updated Siding and Roofing to Ensure No Immediate Work is Needed

When was the last time this property's roofing or siding was updated? Out-of-date siding and roofing can age property and make it far less desirable since buyers don't want to deal with a large project like that the moment they buy a property. Make sure the home is able to handle whatever’s thrown at it. 

Updated siding and slate roofing will also give your seller the chance to create a more modern face for the home, ensuring they can keep up with a quickly changing market by having a modern exterior. 

6. Fantastic Lighting and Open Spaces

The lighting in any property's photography will change how people view it. A poorly lit area will seem older and sell well cared for. On the other hand, great lighting will give a home the chance to shine and feel more spacious and airy. 

Request that your sellers update their light fixtures, or at least replace the bulbs with warm natural-light bulbs, and avoid shoving too much furniture in any one area of the property. Staging is actually a very important part of selling any home:

7. Intelligent Staging Throughout the Property

A home that's well staged and laid out will sell faster and for more money than its unstaged counterparts. The main reason for this is that a staged home appears more welcoming and gives buyers a chance to picture their future lives in this property before they buy it.  Just like statues in DC have all of the spotlights on them: you should want your home’s lighting to showcase its most important parts.


Staging should take away all personal touches and use high-quality furniture to create a gorgeous layout throughout the home, offering the chance to make a property look comfortable and welcoming.


Although you can stage using your sellers' furniture, if their items are outdated or if they've already moved out of the property, it's a good idea to update this with a staging company. There are a few that are generally affordable and will help your client pick a layout that will work best to lure in more buyers and inspire a faster sale. 

Your Commissions Won’t Stop Rolling In!


You work hard for your clients and deserve the commission that comes with that. Create incredible listings in the best state out there, and you'll make major money off of the trend of homes that sell for far more than the asking price.

Sam Willis is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on real estate. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching real estate trends in his free time. Sam’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.

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