Curb Appeal for the Fall

If you are considering listing your house for sale during the fall, or even if you're not, you have an opportunity to add an extra homey feel to your curb appeal. You might want to consider what your home looks like and put some effort into how your home appears from the street.

Autumn is here and there are some seasonal tips for creating a wow factor when taking listing photos and hosting open houses.Curb Appeal for the Fall

Hire a tree service 

As your trees start to turn you are left with bare branches and beautiful leaves that started to turn and are now on the ground. Consider hiring a tree service that can help you clean up those fallen leaves and trim back any branches that may be damaged or budding up against the home.

Don't Over Decorate

Not everyone loves Halloween or Fall Decor, so do so lightly if you’re going to decorate. Keep your decorating simple and appealing to the vast majority. You wouldn't want this to be the reason you lose out on an offer.

Hardy Variety of Plants

The fall does not have the beautiful blossoming plants of spring and summer so you may have a front yard that looks deadly. You can plant things like ornamental cabbage or kale and this can give you some color. Consider white coral bells that can add some texture and dimension.

Warm Exterior Lighting

Lighting can make any property look better, especially at dusk and at night. You can never go wrong with the popular Edison-style string lights, also known as market lights. You can also look into lanterns or sconces THis makes any property look magical and can brighten the landscape even during the fall months. Avoid Halloween decorations again because then you are simply lighting your decorations, not your home. Make your property seem more harvest-like and fall vs. a specific holiday.

The fall is a time for gathering, creation, and gratitude. It makes many people feel warm, excited, and emotional inside. By adding a touch of warmth with a gorgeous wreath you can make someone feel at home. You want to use earthy colors and vibrant foliage to make the property’s front door pop. This is the ideal way to invite prospective buyers in. These few simple tips can make your home more enticing, whether you’re selling your house this fall or planning on staying in your house for many years to come. In short, simple is always better for fall home showings.

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