How to Buy Your First Investment Property: Building Generational Wealth in Your Sleep

Generational wealthIf you're a homeowner, you have a taste of the way owning real estate can impact your financial position and begin to generate generational wealth. Investing in income properties only magnifies these benefits. We are ready to help you build financial strength and generational wealth in your sleep by helping you find the investment property that aligns with your budget and your goals. 

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Why should I invest in real estate rather than just the stock market?

Investing in real estate offers several compelling advantages that make it an attractive avenue for wealth accumulation. There are trillions of dollars represented in real estate, and it is an enormous field of opportunity. There are some distinct advantages to investing in real estate over other investment opportunities. 

Real estate investments provide tangible assets that can appreciate in value over time, offering a hedge against inflation and market volatility. Historically, real estate has demonstrated long-term appreciation, outpacing inflation and delivering significant capital growth over time. Many people look at real estate investments as a safer, more stable investment because they act as a forced savings account that are a bit more challenging to liquidate, and the investment is tied up in something essential that will always have value.

There are also tax benefits unique to real estate investments. Real estate investors can leverage various tax deductions, such as depreciation, mortgage interest, and property expenses, to minimize tax liabilities and maximize returns.

Don't forget the advantages of portfolio diversification and passive income potential, too. Rental properties generate passive income through rental payments, providing a consistent cash flow stream that can supplement or replace earned income, and a real estate investment diversifies portfolios, reducing overall risk and enhancing stability by mitigating exposure to fluctuations in other asset classes.

Is real estate a safe investment?

While no investment can be totally guaranteed, investing in real estate can be one of the safest opportunities for multiple reasons. One of the most compelling is the potential for rental income. When you buy a real estate property, with the right strategy in place it can generate monthly income while it appreciates over time, paying for itself (and then some) while also increasing your net worth for the future. 

If you're prepared to ride out the normal market fluctuations over the next few decades, you can reasonably expect your asset to significantly appreciate, all while it pays for itself thanks to rental income. 

What type of investment property should I buy?

This is one of the most common questions we get. The choice of property type depends on various factors, including your investment objectives, budget, location, and market dynamics.

There are advantages to different types of properties, whether you want to go for a multi-family property, a commercial investment, an apartment building, a short term vacation rental, or a single family home. The short answer is, your unique scenario will determine what's best for you and we would love to talk with you and create a strategy that is tailored for your needs.

What are the ways to finance an investment property?

Financing for an investment property can be done in a variety of ways. 

The simplest is paying cash. If you are able to liquidate funds, perhaps through another investment or a cash-out refinance, to cover the cost of a property and buy it outright, this is a simple way to invest your cash for immediate profit. This approach offers several advantages, including faster transaction processes, greater negotiating power, and the absence of mortgage-related expenses such as interest payments and closing costs.

If buying cash is not the right fit for you, there are many other options. The majority of real estate is purchased with a mortgage, which might be similar to how you purchased your personal home, but may also be a financing product uniquely designed for investment properties. 

Traditional financing involves obtaining a mortgage loan from a bank or lending institution to finance the purchase of the property. The investor makes a down payment (typically ranging from 15% to 25% of the property's purchase price) and borrows the remaining amount. The property serves as collateral for the loan, and the investor repays the loan, along with interest, over a specified term.

Many banks also offer loan approval for investment properties based on the income potential of the property rather than your personal income. If you want to connect with a great lender in the area, we can get you in touch with trusted experts that can help you explore your options. 

Should I buy for appreciation or cash flow potential?

The decision to prioritize cash flow or appreciation depends on individual investment objectives, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Investing for cash flow involves acquiring properties that generate consistent rental income, allowing investors to cover expenses, debt service, and generate positive cash flow from operations.
  • Investing for appreciation focuses on properties with the potential for long-term capital appreciation, driven by factors such as location, market trends, and economic growth prospects.
  • investors adopt a balanced approach, seeking properties that offer a combination of cash flow and appreciation potential, providing both immediate income and long-term wealth accumulation.

Consider what your goals are with the property. If you are truly looking to build generational wealth and looking to acquire assets you can pass on to your children in the future or leverage toward investments for future generations, a focus on long term appreciation makes sense. If you are also looking to replace your current income or create financial freedom right now, cash flow potential should be more of a priority. 

We have been helping clients find their ideal investment properties for over 20 years, and we are ready to help you too. Ready to find your investment property in Norfolk and begin building your portfolio? We can help, so contact us any time.

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